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Welcome IGNOU MAPC students!

This section has been created specially for you - to help you with material related to your course. Also feel free to access other areas of interest on this site through the word-cloud towards the bottom of this page. From books to movies about Psychology, from course related material to interesting articles - there's a lot on this site for you. Hope you find this useful!

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Books and Study Materials

  1. Study material soft copies
  2. Reference Books:
    1. First Year
    2. Second Year:
      1. Book list for Clinical
      2. Book list for Counselling
      3. Book list for Industrial
  3. Other Psychology eBooks (free versions)




  1. PsyConcepts - Important Psychology concepts in the form of cards that are easy to refer and understand
  2. PsyQuotes - Famous or interesting quotes about Psychology and related matters, with context

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