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IGNOU took a lot of progressive steps a few years back. Some of them included creating a YouTube channel, moving most of the course related activities online, and the best one - uploading all the study material online and making it available to everyone who is keen to learn.

The eGyankosh website of IGNOU is now back. Here are links to the study materials for the Bachelors and Masters courses:

  1. BAPC - All years
  2. MAPC - 1st year
  3. MAPC - 2nd year

In case above links do not work, you can try these links:
  1. http://www.ignoustudy.com/ignou-mapc-study-material/
  2. http://www.ignou4ublog.com/2013/06/ignou-mapc-study-materialbooks.html

PS: These links were active as on the date of publishing this post. If they are inactive now, please let us know through the comments section.


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