Simultaneous Processing

Simultaneous processing

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Simultaneous processing is one of the components of Cognition which, as per PASS theory of intelligence, is organized in three systems and four processes.

It is the process of combining discrete and unconnected stimuli into a single group or whole to assist in comprehension and interpretation. It involves the comprehension of the relationships of and between separate entities and its relation or position to the whole. The integration of distinct yet interrelated stimuli can also facilitate the ability to uncover underlying patterns in verbal and nonverbal information.

Simultaneous processing is necessary for language comprehension, as in:  “Who is the person in the following statement:  My mother’s father was his only son (Naglieri & Das, 1997)?” Simultaneous processing can be helpful to accomplish tasks where the focus is on solving problems where the objective of the task demands conceptualization of parts into a cohesive whole. Spatial characteristics are often associated with simultaneous processing for this reason. Additionally, simultaneous processing has been applied to utilization and comprehension of logical and grammatical statements.

Simultaneous processing and Successive processing occur in the posterior region or the back of the brain. Simultaneous processing is broadly associated with the occipital and the parietal lobes.

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