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16. Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery

The Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery (WJ-PEB), originally published in 1977, measured cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitudes, academic achievement and scholastic and non-scholastic interests. It is an individually-administered, wide-age range, comprehensive set of standardized tests designed to identify learning disabilities. The Woodcock-Johnson® Psycho-Educational Battery-Revised (WJ-R®), was published in 1989.

WJ III is the current version. It was normed from age 19mos to 100yrs+ and from K to gr 18.0. It consists of 42 tests divided into 2 parts: Tests of Cognitive Ability and Tests of Achievement. There are 8 timed tasks and 11 taped tasks.

It is based on the Carroll-Horn-Cattell (CHC) Model. It provides a measure of general intellectual ability (g). It includes a Brief Intellectual Ability score. It provides a greater breadth of coverage of cognitive factors. It uses 2-3 tests that clearly measure different narrow aspects of a broader ability. It measures 5 clinical clusters (working memory, broad attention, cognitive fluency, executive processes and phonemic awareness). Individual tests are differentially weighted according to age.

WJ III® is state-of-the-art and the best practice for identifying persons with learning disabilities and program-planning.

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