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11. Eysenck Personality Questionnaire

It is a questionnaire to assess the personality traits of a person. It was devised by the psychologists Hans J├╝rgen Eysenck and his wife Sybil B. G. Eysenck.

The Eysenck Personality Questionnaire is a self-assessment test for administration to normal populations. It assesses the three primary Eysenckian traits of extraversion (E), neuroticism (N), and Psychoticism (P). In addition the test contains a Lie Scale (L).

1. High E scorer is “sociable, likes parties, has many friends, needs to have people to talk to, and does not like reading or studying by himself.”
2. High N scorer is “an anxious, worrying individual, moody and frequently depressed. He is likely to sleep badly, and to suffer from psychosomatic disorders.”
3. High P scorer is “tough-minded and non-comformist, likely to be aggressive, cold, and impersonal. He may also be prone to Machiavellianism and antisocial behavior.”

The EPQ-R (Eysenck & Eysenck, 1991) contains 100 items to measure the three personality dimensions – E, N and P, as well as L. A dichotomous response format is used with respondents ticking “Yes” or “No”. The short form of the EPQ-R comprises 48 items, 12 for each of the sub-scales.

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Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Personality Assessment, chapter by Jeremy Miles and Susanne Hempel

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