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Oliver Sacks

Pan Macmillan

The Book:
This book about Hallucinations, is by the famous Oliver Sacks whose 'Awakenings' inspired the oscar-nominated movie. It discusses various people suffering from different forms of Hallucinations due to a varied set of reasons - from substance abuse (ex: Opiates and LSD) to neurological issues (ex: Migraine and Parkinson's), including the experiences of the author himself.

The greatest thing about this book is that it manages to teach you a lot about the science behind Hallucinations while also helping you experience the fantastic worlds of those hallucinating, albeit through their words. The book is easy to read and fascinating while at the same time helping you learn a lot about the subject in focus.

From Gods to Ghosts, Elves to Giants, lifeless patterns to the most amazing creatures - there's a lot you would experience. And, in the course, you may be left hurt as some of your beloved beliefs and fantasies shatter.

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