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Q11. Defining features of short term therapies

Short-term therapy, is a generic label for any form of therapy in which time is an explicit element in treatment planning.

Defining features:

  1. Time is a key element: Therapy is “time limited,” allocating a fixed number of sessions for clients.
  2. Focus: Therapy targets specific patterns rather than attempt broader personality changes.
  3. Activity level of the therapist: Therapists adopt active methods to maintain the focus of treatment and promote self-understanding and change.
  4. Activity level of the client: Clients are absorbed in change efforts between sessions, as well as during them.
  5. Client selection: Therapy typically begins with an assessment to determine the appropriateness of brief treatment for a particular client.
  6. Enhanced experiencing: Methods, including hypnosis, relaxation techniques, introspection, confrontation, exposure, and role playing, enable individuals to experience themselves and their problems in new ways.
  7. Emphasis upon readiness for change: When clients are not aware of or not committed to changes, brief therapy goals focus on advancing readiness for change
  8. Emphasis on impact of intervention: Therapists emphasize promotion of corrective emotional experiences rather than exhaustive insight into past conflicts.

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