GIVE and TAKE: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success By Adam Grant >> Book review and free preview

GIVE and TAKE: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success 


Non-Fiction, Psychology, Altruism, Business, Self-help

Adam Grant

Orion Publishing Group

The Book
In Give and Take, Adam looks at people from the perspective of their pro-social inclinations and advocates that people who have pro-social behavior - i.e, spend more time helping others without expecting anything in return, are in the long term more successful than any other category of people.

It starts with explaining the classifications and laying the evidence to prove the hypothesis being discussed, moves to discussing in details the strengths possessed by the 'Givers' as Adam calls them, and ends with a discussion of 'actions for impact'.

Adam is an organisational psychologist and an award winning professor. What makes his book a must read is that: the entire discussion is based on the solid foundation of scientific researches, and while that is the case it is still as interesting to read as a well-written autobiography because the concepts are introduced to the readers through anecdotes - gripping real stories of real people.

This is one of those books which has the potential to have a real and significant impact on the way you live your life.

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