Awakenings >> 30s review

Dr. Sayer (Robin Williams) is a researcher who lands as a physician in a psychiatric institution. The institution has a ward full of patients who have been in a semi-catatonic state for decades - the disease is incurable, and no one has any hope that they'll ever come back to life.

But they do. This is the story of how Dr. Sayer, against all odds, manages to bring the zombies back to life, even if it was temporary.

Rating: Green - a capturing cinematographic representation of a true story. With a scientific miracle as a plot and stalwarts like Robin Williams and Robert De Niro doing what they do best - the audience cannot help but be pulled into the story.

PS: The movies are always somewhat incorrect - you may want to read the book Awakenings by Dr. Oliver Sacks to know what really happened.

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