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Happy World Mental Health Day!

Today, the world celebrates #MentalHealthDay. However, mental health continues to be gravely misunderstood - and, mental illnesses continue to be stigmatised.

We need to change this.

We need to understand mental illnesses better. We need to look beyond 'madness' as the singular description of mental illnesses. And, we need to give due importance to mental illnesses and their proper treatment.

On this #WorldMentalHealthDay, let's help people understand a couple of simple concepts:

When your body is exposed to harmful conditions like - chemicals, viruses, bacteria etc. it develops fever, an allergic reaction or some other kind of illness. Similarly, when your mind is exposed to harmful conditions like - work related stress, relationship problems, death of loved ones etc. it develops depression, anxiety, or some other kind of illness. Sometimes you are born with it - physical illnesses as well as mental illnesses - the neurological ones.You need to treat physical illnesses wi…