Margarita With A Straw

Laila is a teenage girl with typical teenage girl issues related to her identity and sexuality. But she has an additional issue - Cerebral Palsy.

She loves music, and composes for the college band. She also happens to be secretly in love with the lead singer. After they win a competition with a song written by her, she proposes - only to be rejected because of her condition.

A scholarship from NYU allows her to move away from everything - along with her mother who sets things up for her. An attractive guy named Jared is assigned to help her with her creative writing work. She also befriends Khanum, a blind girl with Bangladeshi-Pakistani background.

On the one hand she is developing a love homosexual relation with Khanum, while on the other she ends up having sex with Jared. Confused about who she is, and what her preferences are, her life is in a fix - will she be able to find a way out or will she end it all?

Rating: Yellow - a technically well-made movie, decent watch considering the great acting by the three ladies - Kalki, Sayani and Revathy. However, somehow you don't get pulled into the story, you are unable to empathize with Laila, unable to be Laila.

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