Joker: Put On A Happy Face

Arthur Fleck is a struggling comedian - an aspiring stand-up comic. But, the society is not laughing at his jokes, it is laughing at him - a person with mental health issues, including uncontrollable laughter. 

The society is going through a tough phase, and it is even more tough for people like him who are ignored by the society, that is too busy fending for itself.

To complicate things, his elderly mother also has a mental health history. And, his father? Well, he finds out that he may be the bastard son of a leading political figure. But, when he tries to find out the truth, he's shunted out.

Will he be able to survive? Will he find out who he is? Will he be able to achieve his aspiration of becoming famous?

Rating: Gold - this movie is a phenomenon! A movie that tells the story of a human, not a comic book character. A movie that is a narrative on the society, and the struggles of individuals within it - individuals who are not well-placed in terms of resources. Very relevant in the present day context. Joaquin's performance is well worthy of the awards that it has received.

This is a must watch!

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