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Super-Notes for MPC003 Personality-Theories and Assessment! These Super-Notes are easy to read and understand so that you can Learn Better, Faster!
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  1. Psychodynamic Theory (Including Horney And Sullivan)
  2. Social Cognitive Theory Of Personality (Bandura)
  3. Learning Theory Of Personality (Pavlov And Skinner)
  4. Humanistic And Self Theory (Maslow And Rogers)

  1. Gordon Allport: A Dispositional Theory Of Personality
  2. Raymond Cattell: A Trait Theory Of Personality
  3. Hans Eysenck: A Trait-Type Theory Of Personality
  4. The Big Five Factors: The Basic Dimensions Of Personality

  1. Introduction To Assessment And Testing
  2. Approaches To Personality Assessment (Self-Report, Problems Of Response In Projective And Behavioural Assessment)
  3. Behavioural Assessment
  4. Other Measures Of Personality

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We have moved. For latest updates visit FREE IGNOU Help Center.
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