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FREE Super-Notes for MPC006 Statistics in Psychology! These Super-Notes are easy to read and understand so that you can - Learn better, faster!
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Great news, IGNOU students!

We have started the release of 'SUPER-NOTES' for psychology students. You can access them FREE of cost here.

Download the Super-Notes by Chapter

  1. Parametric And Non-Parametric Statistics
  2. Descriptive And Inferential Statistics
  3. Type I And Type II Errors
  4. Setting Up The Levels Of Significance

  1. Product Moment Coefficient Of Correlation
  2. Other Types Of Correlation (Phi-Coefficient)
  3. Partial And Multiple Correlations
  4. Bivariate And Multiple Regression

  1. Characteristics Of Normal Distribution
  2. Significance Of Mean Differences, Standard Error Of The Mean
  3. One Way Analysis Of Variance
  4. Two Way Analysis Of Variance

  1. Rationale For Non-Parametric Statistics
  2. Mann Whitney ‘U’ Test For Two Sample Test
  3. Kruskal Wallis Analysis Of Variance
  4. Chi-Square And Kendall Rank Correlation

Super Notes are still being created and will be uploaded gradually. Please follow the links to check whether Super-Notes for your subjects have been uploaded.
We have moved. For latest updates visit FREE IGNOU Help Center.
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