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  1. Definition And Introduction To Organisational Development 
  2. Foundations Of Organisational Development
  3. Conceptual Framework Of Organisational Development
  4. First Order And Second Order Change In Organisational Development 

  1. Participation And Empowerment 
  2. Team  And Teamwork
  3. Parallel Learning Structures 
  4. A Normative Re-Educative Strategy For Change

  1. Components Of Organisational Development (OD) Process 
  2. Diagnosing The System, Subunits And Process 
  3. Models For Managing Change (Including Six Boxes Organisational Model) 
  4. Programme Evaluation Process In Organisational Development 

  1. Definition, Factors To Be Considered, Nature And Classification Of OD Interventions
  2. Selection And Organising Of Intervention Activities 
  3. Typology Of Interventions Based On Target Groups 
  4. Human Process Interventions: Individual Group And Inter-Group, Coaching, Counseling, Training, Behavioural Modeling, Mentoring, Motivating Etc.

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