Unf-ck Your Brain - Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs and Triggers

Have your life circumstances f--ked your brain? Do you have anxiety, anger issuesm depression, PTSD or addiction? Dr. Harper's suggestions might help!

Unf-ck Your Brain


192 pages

Non-Fiction,Psychology,Mental Health,Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Blackstone Audio, Inc. - Mar 20, 2018



The Book

Our brains are designed to adapt to circumstances, as they were 10,000 years ago! They have still not evolved to the modern life of humans. This often results in what could be a life-saving action of the brain in the past, turning into a life-destroying one!

In the book, Dr. Harper discusses how our brain gets into trouble, due to events like Trauma, and how to get over it. How to overcome anxiety, anger, addiction, depression and grief.

Yellow. The book is pretty decent in terms of its coverage and worth the time it takes to listen to it. However, the audio quality is very bad - making the experience quite painful!

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