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Welcome Psychology students of IGNOU!

This section has been created specially for you - to help you with material related to your course. From books to movies about Psychology, from course related material to interesting articles - there's a lot on this site for you. Hope you find this useful!

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Books and Study Materials

  1. Study Material
  2. Study material soft copies
  3. Reference Books:
    1. First Year MAPC
    2. Second Year MAPC:
      1. Book list for Clinical
      2. Book list for Counselling
      3. Book list for Industrial
  4. Super Notes
  5. Other Psychology eBooks (free versions)


  1. Handbook on Practicum
    1. BAPC Second Year (BPCL007)
    2. BAPC Second Year (BPCL008)
    3. BAPC Third Year (BPCE022)
    4. MAPC First Year (MPCL 007)
    5. MAPC Second Year (MPCE 014/024/034)
    6. MSCCFT First Year (MCFTL001)
    7. MSCCFT First Year (MCFTL002)
    8. MSCCFT First Year (MCFTL003)
    9. MSCCFT First Year (MCFTL004)
    10. MSCCFT First Year (MCFTL005)
    11. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTL006)
    12. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTL007)
    13. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTL008) (Reflective Journal)
    14. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTE004)
    15. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTE005)
    16. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTE006)
  2. Templates - Practicum file cover page
  3. Templates - Introspective Report
  4. Practicum Notebook - MAPC Ist Year

Project - IInd Year

  1. Handbook on Project
    1. MAPC Second Year (MPCE 016/026/036)
  2. Dissertation Manual
    1. MSCCFT Second Year (MCFTP 2)

Internship - IInd Year

  1. Handbook on Internship
    1. BAPC Third Year (BPCE-023)
    2. MAPC Second Year (MPCE 015/025/035)
    3. MSCCFT Second Year Internship Manual (MCFTP1)
  2. List of institutions for internship

Other useful links

  1. PsyConcepts - Important Psychology concepts in the form of cards that are easy to refer and understand
  2. PsyQuotes - Famous or interesting quotes about Psychology and related matters, with context
  3. Solved Assignments

We have moved. For latest updates visit FREE IGNOU Help Center

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