IGNOU :: MAPC Study material soft copies

IGNOU took a lot of progressive steps a few years back. Some of them included creating a YouTube channel, moving most of the course related activities online, and the best one - uploading all the study material online and making it available to everyone who is keen to learn.

However, unfortunately, some of the things are changing back to their initial states. One of them is the closure of the online study material repository. The eGyankosh website of IGNOU has been under construction for a long time now. Some forums on the net suggest that it has been shut down due to a change in their IPR policy of the university. 

However, the older material is still available for download on some websites. Given below are a few such links:
  1. http://www.ignoustudy.com/ignou-mapc-study-material/
  2. http://www.ignou4ublog.com/2013/06/ignou-mapc-study-materialbooks.html

PS: These links were active as on the date of publishing this post. If they are inactive now, please let us know through the comments section.