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IGNOU Super-Notes: MPC3 Personality - Theories and Assessment_4 Assessment of Personality 2 Approaches to Personality Assessment

Did you know your memory can help you lose weight? (Research)

Yes! Believe it or not! Your memory can help you lose weight. And, it is THE BEST way to lose weight too.

Latest research has shown that remembering what you have eaten, simply by savoring your meal and focusing on it while eating it can help reduce appetite for food psychologically and thus, help in weight loss.

Margarita With a Straw (Movie Trailer)

A rebellious young woman with cerebral palsy leaves her home in India to study in New York, unexpectedly falls in love, and embarks on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery. Source:

The movie has won many awards and is touted as the best movie of this year.

Here's the trailer for you:

IGNOU Super-Notes: MPC2 LifeSpan Development_3 Development During Adolescence_3 Identity, Self-concept, Self-esteem, Peer group relationship