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15. What are the various forms of social conflict?

Conflict is a process in which individuals or groups perceive that others have taken, or will soon take, actions incompatible with their own interests (DeDreu, 2010). Classification of forms of social conflict follows:

 By nature of conflict:

a. Overt and covert conflicts: When conflict is open and explicit, it is called overt conflict. When conflict exists but results aren’t visible, it is called covert conflict. People may be unhappy but not say anything about it.
b. Objective and subjective conflict: Conflicts that are independent of the parties perceptions, typically for power or scarce resources are known as objective. Conflicts that are dependent on parties’ perceptions are known as subjective.

By the shape it takes:

a. Social movement: Reaction to a strong sense of unjust suffering. Ex: Gandhi’s Namak Andolan
b. Riots and rebellions: When a crowd of people protest violently. Riots are uncontrolled whereas Rebellion is organized.
c. Civil politics: Intent is to bring conflict into the political institution, to get people to work ‘inside’ the system instead of ‘outside’.
d. Revolution: Intent is to alter the society’s institutions and create a whole new social order based on a radically different set of principles.

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Social Psychology, 12th Edition by Robert A. Baron, Nyla R. Branscombe, Donn R. Byrne, Gopa Bhardwaj (Click for eBook) 10/19

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