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16. How discrimination can be reduced?

Under the right conditions, discrimination toward particular groups can be reduced. Various ways to reduce discrimination are as follows:
1. Reducing prejudice itself: Techniques to reduce prejudice include:
a. Avoiding prejudiced behavior in children’s presence as they acquire prejudiced attitudes from significant others.
b. Contact Hypothesis: Increasing degree of contact between the different groups can reduce racial prejudice.
c. Recategorisation: Shifting the boundary between “us” and “them” to include former outgroups.
d. Emotional techniques: People with egalitarian standards feel guilty when they violate these beliefs and behave in a prejudicial fashion.
e. Social Influence: Providing people evidence that their ingroup members like outgroup (prejudice target) members.
f. ‘Just say no’: Training individuals to say no to associations between stereotypes and specific social groups.
g. Education: Educate about groups (prejudice targets) or use methods like cultural assimilator.
h. Anti-prejudice propaganda: Using mass media tools such as films and documentaries.
i. Incongruent role: Person is made to play role contrary to his prejudice. Creates dissonance, thus reducing prejudice.

2. Social legislation: Governments in different countries have adopted and enacted several legislations which prohibit public manifestation of discrimination. Ex: Equal opportunities in employment

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