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IGNOU students - would you like to know your final marks after combining exam, assignment, project, practical and internship marks? This tool can help you!
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First year:

Enter your marks for various subjects:
MPC 001 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPC 001 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPC 002 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPC 002 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPC 003 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPC 003 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPC 004 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPC 004 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPC 005 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPC 005 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPC 006 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPC 006 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPCL 007 - Practical Exam (out of 100): 

First Year Total:

Your First Year percentage is:

Second year:

Enter your marks for various subjects:
MPCE 011/021/031 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPCE 011/021/031 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPCE 012/022/032 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPCE 012/022/032 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPCE 013/023/033 - Theory Exam (out of 50):
MPCE 013/023/033 - Assignment (out of 100):  

MPCE 014/024/034 - Practical (out of 100):

MPCE 015/025/035 - Internship (out of 100):

MPCE 016/026/036 - Project (out of 100) :

Second Year Total:

Your Second Year percentage is:

Overall Total:

Overall Percentage:


Disclaimer: This tool has been created based on IGNOU's approach of considering 70% of marks from theory exams and 30% from assignments. In case you discover any errors or missing updates, do let us know in the comments section below.

We have moved. For latest updates visit FREE IGNOU Help Center.
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Unknown image
Unknown said…
I hv compltd all my pprs..practical..assignments and intershp..but my marks card is pending due to project..sir..kya mai project kr sakthi hu..mera batch 2015 hai
November 2, 2021 at 10:04 PM
PsychoTech Services image
PsychoTech Services said…
IGNOU has a provision for extension of course by 1/2 years even after the lapse of the initial degree period. Please visit your RC to confirm.
December 13, 2021 at 6:29 PM
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