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Q17. Rorschach Inkblot Method

Rorschach test is a psychometric tool that uses a series of inkblots shown to a subject, and elicits verbal responses as to what the individual sees in the images.

It consists of ten symmetrical inkblots. The cards are presented individually and in a set order. Subject is instructed to report what the figures resemble or suggest to him. Responses to each card are recorded verbatim and reaction times are noted. Then an inquiry is conducted where the subject identifies the characteristics of the stimuli which affected his associations. Subject responses are used to determine a set of variables, which are used to define their personality along a set of various axes. Various aspects of responses are scored ex: location, relative size of the blot area, use of color and shading, presence of movement etc.

Weiner (1991) suggested that the Rorschach Test be categorized as a method of data collection, not a test as it does not test anything.

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