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Q18. ‘Pull’ of TAT Cards

The TAT cards tend to draw certain patterns of response that constitute their “card pull”. Some key aspects of card pull are:

  1. most people take note of certain features of each card e.g. the violin in Card (1), but rarely mention certain other features e.g. the horse in Card (2). 
  2. TAT pictures commonly suggest certain themes or plots in the stories that are told to them.
  3. many of the pictures remind people of issues in their lives (e.g.. parent-child relationships) or particular concerns they have e.g. managing anger. 

Familiarity with the frequently noted features, commonly elicited story lines, and issues often tapped for each card provides a backdrop for grasping the meaning of the stories people tell.

* * *

Handbook of Personality Assessment by Irving B. Weiner and Roger L. Greene

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