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Q16. Multiple family group therapy

Multiple Family Group Therapy (MFGT), initially developed by Dr. H. Peter Laqueur in his work with hospitalized schizophrenic patients in the 1950's, emerged as a form of intervention adjunct to the treatment of serious mental disorders with biological basis.

It involves working with a collection of families in a group setting. MFGT combines the power of group process with the systems focus of family therapy and is suited to work with families facing similar problems (schizophrenia, chemical dependence, domestic violence, sexual abuse etc.)

Why Do It?

  1. MFGT is more powerful, supportive and empowering than single family therapy due to following curative factors: universality, hope, acceptance, imitation learning, experimentation, and increased commitment to change.
  2. It offers a family more avenues for learning and growth, with less resistance, than they would get in therapy by themselves. 
  3. Because of the shared experiences and boosted learning, it is also easier for the therapist as much of the therapeutic work is done by group members.
  4. More economical for therapist - can see more families in less time.
  5. Participation in MFGT is good preparation for transition into ongoing self-help support groups like Parents Without Partners, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.

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