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Q17. Psychotherapy integration

Psychotherapy integration can be defined as an attempt to look beyond the confines of single-school approaches to see what can be learned from other perspectives (Stricker, 1994). It is characterized by an openness to various ways of integrating diverse theories and techniques. 

The term has been applied for:
  1. Common factors refers to aspects of psychotherapy that are present in most, if not all, approaches to therapy (Weinberger, 1995). This collection of common and effective techniques cuts across all theoretical lines and is present in all psychotherapeutic endeavors. 
  2. Assimilative integration  (Messer, 1992) is an approach in which a solid grounding in one theoretical approach is accompanied by a willingness to incorporate techniques from other therapeutic approaches. 
  3. Theoretical integration is the most difficult level at which to achieve integration, for it requires bringing together theoretical concepts from disparate approaches, some of which may differ in their fundamental worldview. theoretical integration tries to bring together those approaches themselves and to develop a "Grand Unified Theory.
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