A Girl Like Her >> 30 seconds Review and Trailer

South Brookdale High School has just ranked amongst the top schools in the US. Everybody is celebrating. But, 16 year old Jessica Burns (Lexi Ainsworth) has landed up in coma, after a suicide attempt.

Amy Gallagher (Amy S. Weber) had come to make a documentary about what makes this school the best public school. Instead, she ends up trying to resolve the mystery behind Jessica's suicide attempt, and in the process surfacing a dark side of the schooling system - bullying.

Rating: Green - a gripping story makes a well made movie. The movie not only looks at the pain that the bullied undergoes, but also looks at the perspective of the bully and what makes her that. And, this is exactly what makes it a must-watch - no-one is demonised - there is depth in all characters.

If you are the parent of a young child/teenager, or, a teenager yourself, you must watch this movie.

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