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In the book, the authors put forward their 'Propaganda Theory' in which they outline the dangerous possibility of political parties controlling the mass media to move public opinions in their favor being a real scenario. In fact, not a scenario, but an everyday occurrence.

They present numerous data backed examples of how the effect of the media control is visible in the various attributes of communication used by the media. Of how the public opinion has been swayed to align with the goals of the state - to the extent of getting support for acts that no person would willingly, in his/her sane mind, approve of. They discuss how some of the events of the past may be interpreted very differently when looked at in an objective and neutral fact-based manner. (Did US really lose the Vietnam war?)

The book is heavy with lots of facts and figures. But, the book is also an eye-opener. If the numbers presented are true and have not been misrepresented - then there's a very dangerous thing happening in the world - people falling for a psychological trap. This book may change your world-view and your opinion on several matters - you may just start to view the United States as the single largest sponsor of terrorism on the planet.

Gets a Green for shining some light on a very dark side of the world!

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