Professor Marston and The Wonder Women >> 30s review

William and Elizabeth Marston, the inventors of the world's first lie detection machine, have been kicked out of their jobs in Harvard University. Apparently, for getting into a manage-a-trois with their research assistant Olive Byrne. Elizabeth gets a job as a secretary while William authors books hoping one of them would be successful in getting him some money/job.

Then he gets an idea - to create a comic book character - about the perfect woman! The character inspired by the strengths of his two lady loves - is called 'Wonder Woman!'

Will Wonder Woman help them get out of their lives of misery? Will they be able to live happily together?

Rating: Green - a gripping movie about the real lives of William, Elizabeth and Olive. It captures the rise of the creators of the first lie detector machine, followed by their fall as the world comes to know of their 'illicit' relationship, and then their rise again after the creation of Wonder Woman! Must watch!

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