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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking


Non-Fiction, Psychology, Business, Self-help, Personality,

Susan Cain

Penguin Books

The Book
In Quiet, Susan Cain touches upon the omni-present issue of extroverts vs. introverts. She starts with an explanation of the difference between the two, how 'The Extrovert Ideal' came into being, and whether it actually makes sense.

After this she moves to the biology behind the difference between the two types - followed by a discussion about what it means for the people belonging to the two categories.

In the end she approaches the most-sensitive discussion about whether introverts should change themselves? How they can succeed in a world that is full of introverts? How the two types can work together? How those around them (specially parents) can help them to succeed in life?

Susan is a self-confessed introvert. And, that being the case you won't feel surprised if you were told that there is a pro-introversion bias, or would you?

But, that apart, it isn't a 'brainless bimbo mumbling bullshit' book at all. The book is pretty decent in addressing the questions that it addresses. The extensive research done by the author is reflected in the quality of insights present.

Green - because unless you are an expert personality psychologist, this book would enhance the perspective that you have on the matter. Though, as I suggested earlier - read it 'with a pinch of salt'.

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