Rorschach's Test was conducted on the world's first Psychopath AI >> The results are out!!!

MIT has developed the world's first psychopath AI - he's called Norman. And he will give you the shivers! 

Norman could have been a normal AI, but the team from MIT decided to expose him to the dark side of humans - by exposing him to the dark side of the social media site Reddit. In AI life this is equivalent to living a bad life - a life full of horrendous experiences. And what happens when humans live bad experiences? A lot of bad experiences? Only bad experiences?

Humans, typically, turn into psychopaths. And, the same happened with Norman!

This was validated by the team by using the Rorschach's test. Norman's results were compared to that of a standard AI. And it is clear from the results that he is a... Psychopath! Here, see for yourselves: Click here to go to the MIT site.