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Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success


Non-Fiction, Psychology, Business, Self-Help, Parenting, Coaching, Relationships

Dr. Carol S. Dweck

Ballantine Books

The Book
In Mindset, Carol shares her theory about the prevalence of two kinds of mindsets - the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. And, that the growth mindset is the key to success for human beings

The book:
  • starts with a detailed explanation of the two types of mindsets
  • then moves to a discussion about the prevalence of the two kinds of mindsets in various situations - sports, business, relationships, and parenting.
  • and, ends with how to change a person's mindset from a fixed one to a growth one.
Yellow - in spite of plain English, ton of case examples and relevance to pretty much every human, this book is a painful read. At no point does the book feel like a product of an expert in an area with grasp over the topic and an in-depth  understanding of the human psychology. It seems like another psychology professor's attempt at becoming famous by writing a book for the masses - at least she succeeded in selling it.

Throughout, the book comes out as a fan-girl's attempt to sell the object of her affection. Blinded in love it seems she is connecting everything happening in the world to her theory, with grossly insufficient scientific explanation. Beyond, the word research there is nothing - nothing to give you confidence in the credibility of what's written here.

Would have easily been a red - but for one thing - her suggestions and tips about growth mindset, which I've so far personally referred to as 'Continuous Improvement Mindset'. In fact, please feel free to skim through the verbose chapters and go straight to the 'Grow Your Mindset' boxes in the end. That should help you get pretty much all there is in this book.

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