TED Talks: The Official Ted Guide To Public Speaking By Chris Anderson >> Review and free preview

Non-Fiction, Business, Self-Help, Public Speaking, Presentations

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The Book
In Ted Talks, Chris shares his learnings about public speaking based on his observation of the best and the worst speakers appearing on the eponymous Ted Talks.

The book is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Foundation - basics of public speaking
  2. Talk Tools -  tools to make public speaking impactful
  3. Preparation Process - preparing for a talk
  4. On Stage - covering everything from wardrobe to voice
  5. Reflection - about the importance of public speaking

    Green - one of the best books on public speaking I've come across. Shows the big picture, but stays totally actionable - touches the smallest details, but only the most relevant ones.

    In terms of content - I'm taking Chris' experience in organizing, and observation of the thousands of talks as robust enough for the insights mentioned in  the book to be sound.

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