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Kinsey - Story of the man who pioneered scientific study of sexual behavior (Movie)

The movie is a biography of Alfred Charles Kinsey's life. For those who may not know him, he is a pioneer in sexology (scientific study of sexual behavior) and the founder of the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University.

It tells you the story of how Kinsey left home to become a professor in biology, when his father wanted him to be an engineer. How he happened to then shift his focus to sexology driven by the lack of knowledge in the area. How he undertook a big scientific study which first made him famous and then led to his downfall.

Here's the trailer for you.


What Magic Mushrooms can do to your brain (Research)

A new study has revealed that magic mushrooms give users trippy experiences by disrupting communication networks in the brain.

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a drug that causes users to experience frightening but perhaps enlightening experiences. A new study has now revealed psilocybin produces these trippy experiences by altering the way the brain communicates with itself.

Researchers from King’s College in the UK used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to take brain scans of two groups of participants: individuals who had received a 2 mg dose of psilocybin, and those who were given a placebo.

Brain activity typically follows specific neural pathways, and the scans initially showed random increased activity all across the brain. The team looked more closely at what appeared to be sporadic brain activity and found that the drug was actually forming different connections in the brain

A Dangerous Method - Carl Jung's love story (Movie)

The movie is centered around Carl Jung's relationship with one of his patients Sabina Spielrein (also one of the pioneers of Psychoanalysis, credited with significant contributions to the area), his practice of Psychoanalysis and his relationship with Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis. The movie also brings out the considerable impact that Otto Gross had on Carl Jung's world view.

The movie would not help you gain much knowledge of Psychoanalysis, but if you are keen to know more about the pioneers of Psychoanalysis, you should watch it. Assuming there's proper research behind the movie, it would give you good insight into their lives and times.

Here's the trailer for you.

Comprehensive handbook of Psychological Assessment - Vol 2. Personality Assessment by Mark J. Hilsenroth, Daniel L. Segal (eBook)

Essentials of 16PF assessment by Heather E. P. Cattell, James M. Schuerger (eBook)

Animal Therapy for Stress Reduction - these cute little kittens are nasty stress killers (must watch)

The One Thing About Your Spouse’s Personality That Really Affects Your Career

We all know, by common sense, that our family environment can impact our performance at work. But, what is that one critical personality trait of your spouse that impacts your career the most - a trait that can increase your chances of promotion by as much as 50%?

Psychometric tests >> Implicit association test

When it comes to gender and racial equality, most people know what their opinions are. But what about unconscious attitudes and associations? Would you be surprised to learn, for example, that you unconsciously favor one gender or racial group over another?

Take the test at the link below and find out for yourself:

Why curious people are better at learning (Research)

We’re confronted with an endless supply of information every day, from television ads and news headlines to updated procedures at work and the name of your mum’s new cat. But why does some of this information stick around so easily in our memories, while the rest is forgotten, sometimes as quickly as it was encountered?

New research by a team of US-based psychologists at the University of California, Davis has given us an insight into why curiosity plays such a crucial role in how we learn, and it turns out that our minds actively reward us for seeking out the information we’re most interested in.

Eye of the Storm - A documentary that explores the anatomy of racism

"This documentary explores the nature of prejudice in a dramatic third-grade classroom experiment conducted in a small Midwestern town, a town without ghettos, blacks, or campus unrest. It demonstrates how quickly wholesome, friendly schoolchildren can be infected with the ugly virus of discrimination that leads to frustration, broken friendships, and vicious behavior. Host and narrator is Bill Buetel of ABC News"

Disclaimer: Video and introduction taken from YouTube page.

A Class Divided by the color of their eyes

Filmed 15 years after Eye of the Storm, this sequel explores what the children in Jane Elliott's daring classroom exercise learned about discrimination and how it still affects them today. Ms. Elliott meets with some of her former students to analyze the exercise in prejudice and its impact on their lives.

Jane Elliott is an internationally known educator, inspiring American teacher and anti-racism activist. She created the famous "blue-eyed/brown-eyed" exercise, first done with grade school children in the 1960s, and which later became the basis for her career in diversity training.

Disclaimer: Video and introduction taken from YouTube page

Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?

Dr. Robert Sapolsky discusses his work as professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University and as a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research at the National Museum of Kenya. His enviable gift for storytelling led the New York Times to print, "If you crossed Jane Goodall with a borscht-belt comedian, she might have written a book like A Primate's Memoir." Dr. Sapolsky's account of his early years as a field biologist. He is sure to dazzle and delight with tales of what it means to be human. 

Click here to view more Robert Sapolsky videos.

Explore Yourself Using Arts: a 2-day introductory workshop in Expressive Arts Therapy

Explore Yourself using Arts A 2-day Introductory Workshop in Expressive Arts Therapy: 
An exploration that will use the combinations of Psychodrama, Storytelling, Art Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy.  Expressive arts therapy is a gentle, non-judgmental approach enabling the client to become aware of what is happening in his/her unconscious.

Workshop Dates: 5th and 6th November 2014
Time: 10am to 4pm
Cost: Rs. 3500/-
Venue: B 80, Sector 14, NOIDA (Nearest Metro Station NOIDA Sector 15, Blue Line) - Delhi

For registration and/or more details: please contact Lulua at +919884700104 or email at

Who will benefit from this workshop :-
Psychologists, Counselors, Artists, Corporate Trainers, Teachers, NGO Workers, Social Workers, Special Educators, HR Professionals, Social Work and Psychology Students

 **Certificate will be given at the end of the workshop**

About the Trainer :- Magdalene Jeyarathnam is a practicing counselor and counselling trainer for the last …

Know you brain better >> Brain Games by National Geographic Channel

Brain Games is a reality television series that discusses and explores the components of the human brain. Hosted by Jason Silva, the show uses experts in cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology. The show is interactive, encouraging viewers to participate in experiments, or "brain games", that emphasize the main points presented in each episode.
Click here to visit the site and start knowing your Brain better :)

Note: The introduction has been taken from Wikipedia and image from the Brain Games website.

Psychology, 5th Edition by Robert A. Baron (eBook)

Social Psychology, 12th Edition by Robert A. Baron, Nyla R. Branscombe, Donn R. Byrne, Gopa Bhardwaj (eBook)

Introduction to Psychology, 7th Edition by Clifford T. Morgan, Richard A. King, John R. Weisz, John Schopler (eBook)

Psychology, South Asian Edition by Saundra K. Ciccarelli and Glenn E. Meyer (eBook)

Statistical Reasoning in Psychology and Education, 3rd Edition - Edward W. Minium, Bruce M. King, Gordon Bear (eBook)

Why dieting doesn't usually work - A neuro-scientist's personal experience

In the US, 80% of girls have been on a diet by the time they're 10 years old. In this honest, raw talk, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt uses her personal story to frame an important lesson about how our brains manage our bodies, as she explores the science behind why dieting not only doesn't work, but is likely to do more harm than good. She suggests ideas for how to live a less diet-obsessed life, intuitively.

Scientific Speed Reading - How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes

Do drugs affect self-perception? A crazy experiment by an artist

What happens when an artist takes a drug and creates a self-portrait of himself? What if the same guy does this on a regular basis for a few weeks?

See for yourself.

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